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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rules for Addressing Amnesty

Here are some basic rules that our government should adopt when considering various proposals to give amnesty to illegal aliens in our country. We want a law to require employers to use E-Verify for new and current employees in order to verify they are legally in the United States. You and I have to provide our Social Security number when we apply for a job, and immigrants should do likewise. This simple procedure would identify the illegals and thereby make many jobs available to unemployed Americans.

We should eliminate all schemes for the admittance of guest workers, both the uneducated who take entry-level jobs away from our own high-school dropouts, and the H-1B and other special-purpose visas (a system rife with fraud) who take jobs away from our own college graduates because the big companies prefer to hire lower-paid foreigners.

We should enforce cooperation between federal and state immigration authorities, so when a state picks up an illegal he can be immediately turned over to the feds. This cooperation should also eliminate the so-called Sanctuary Cities, where federal immigration law is ignored. We should reinstate the rule that was in effect for the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who came through Ellis Island. If they had a major disease or failed to provide proof that they would NOT become a public charge, they were sent back to their home country.

And one more thing. Amnesty advocates should stop peddling the false notion that amnesty is the “Christian” thing to do. Amnesty will betray Hispanics because it will open our borders to a flood of new illegals, increase the millions below the poverty line, and make it impossible for legal or assimilated immigrants to achieve the American dream.

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