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Friday, May 24, 2013

University Students Stomp on Jesus

Universities are becoming increasingly hostile to Christian beliefs, especially the universities that are taxpayer-funded. The Bible is criticized. Christian values are starting to be called "hate speech.” Last month, a Democratic professor at Florida Atlantic University took anti-Christian culture to a new low by having his students "stomp on Jesus.” The students were instructed to write the name "Jesus" on a piece of paper, and then step on it. This is an outrageous use of our taxpayer dollars. To make matters worse, student objections were suppressed and punished. One student who spoke out against this exercise was silenced while he was speaking up. He tried again after class, and the professor again dismissed the student. The student was eventually suspended from school for the offense of defending Christianity.

"Stomping on Jesus" illustrates the dangers of liberal instruction. The professor who suggested this stomping on Jesus is a Vice Chair of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party. He was teaching a class on the subject of "intercultural communication," which is a leftwing field of study. We haven't heard any stories of stomping on Jesus in classes on mathematics or engineering.

The professor claimed that the subject matter of the class directly led to the stomping exercise. He said the exercise came from the textbook, which was entitled Intercultural Communication: CA Contextual Approach. This textbook is widely used in intercultural studies departments, and it's only one of the anti-Christian books assigned at various universities. Students might be better off if public universities eliminated intercultural studies departments altogether. There's nothing new about liberal academics trying to destroy their students' conservative values. But asking students to stomp on Jesus is beyond the pale. American taxpayers certainly should not be forced to subsidize attacks on God at universities, and that professor should be dismissed from teaching.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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