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Friday, May 10, 2013

We Need Anti-Missile Defense Now

Our own U.S. defense experts now believe that North Korean missiles can reach Hawaii and Alaska, but not yet the continental United States. North Korea has conducted a long-range missile test, a nuclear test, and demonstrated a mobile launcher, all of which indicate that North Korea's technology is advancing faster than the U.S. had previously predicted. I am a bit encouraged that President Obama has finally gotten the message that it is his constitutional duty to provide for the common defense of Americans. Obama has now reversed his April 2009 decision to close our missile field in Alaska. The Pentagon says it will spend $1 billion to expand our West Coast missile-defense system by installing 14 additional ground-based missile interceptors at Fort Greely, Alaska. (Those 14 interceptors were originally planned by the Bush Administration.) The Pentagon is also looking for a third U.S. site to protect our East Coast.

We were promised that the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement, supported by Obama and passed by Congress in October 2011, would create U.S. jobs by promoting U.S. exports to South Korea. That pie-in-the-sky promise was always a lie; that Agreement promoted only imports, particularly cheap Korean cars coming into the U.S. without paying any U.S. tariff or tax. But that is not the worst of the free-trade trick played on Americans. South Korean products are especially cheap because South Korea hires 44,000 North Korean workers, paid 25 cents an hour, at the Kaesong Industrial Complex located just north of the boundary between North and South Korea. The workers' wages at this sweatshop are paid directly to the North Korean government, which skims off up to 45 percent. North Korea's Kaesong profits are estimated to provide 36 percent of North Korea's national income, so the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement has forced Americans to finance North Korea's nuclear program to threaten us.

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