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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Boston Bombing Demands a Pause

The bombs that were exploded at the Boston Marathon, where 3 were killed and 264 wounded, many with legs or feet blown off, continues to be a big media story, but we are still waiting for answers to many questions. How did our government miss so many clues that the Tsarnaev brothers were a deadly danger to Americans? They came into the United States as visitors from Kazakhstan, where many ethnic Chechens live without persecution, then cooked up a claim to be refugees, which was a fraud. After a few years, the father returned to Dagestan, Russia, where he now lives safely. Once admitted into the United States, the entire family cashed in on generous U.S. welfare benefits, food stamps, cash, and Section 8 housing. Those receiving taxpayer handouts included the two criminal sons, both of their parents, and ultimately Tamerlan's wife and child. Those were the years when Tamerlan became a devout Muslim, gave up drinking in order to devote himself to what he called "God's business," and sought out jihadist websites. When accused of domestic violence against a girlfriend in 2009, he had the benefit of a taxpayer-funded attorney to get his case dismissed. Welfare was terminated only in 2012 when his wife's salary pushed their income outside of eligibility limits.

Why did our government ignore the federal law that requires immigrants, before they are admitted, to prove they will not become a public charge? For years, the sons did not have jobs or any visible source of income. Meanwhile, Tamerlan's mother began wearing a hijab and telling conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Towers, which she said Tamerlan had told her. She was accused of shoplifting $1,500 worth of clothes from the upscale Lord & Taylor, but then flew back to Russia.

The government of Russia contacted our FBI and warned us that Tamerlan was a dangerous risk. The FBI investigated, but reported Tamerlan was no problem.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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