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Thursday, June 06, 2013

China City to Fine Unwed Moms

AP reports:
(AP) – It's no scarlet letter, but the central China city of Wuhan's plan to fine mothers who have a child out of wedlock has sparked charges of discrimination and could lead to an increase in abandoned babies. It would be the first time that out-of-wedlock children have been expressly singled out by one of China's municipalities, which have flexibility in how they enforce China's population-control policies. The proposed "social compensation fee" also comes just days after the rescue of a young unmarried mother's newborn from a sewer pipe.
In the USA, we do just the opposite. We pay girls and women to have out-of-wedlock babies.
"If the policy is approved, there could be more 'sewer babies,' because when mothers can't afford the cost, they might think about throwing their babies away," says a gender equality expert.

Wuhan's draft policy says that "the parties" should pay the fee in cases of births that are out of wedlock or when one side knowingly has a child with someone who's married. But, as the expert says, "it looks like the policy is targeted just at women." She said unmarried mothers already face discrimination, including being barred from receiving government maternity benefits.
I did not know that the Associated Press quotes anonymous gender equality experts. What is that? An over-opinionated feminist who is ashamed to use her name?

Her opinion seems to be that China should not hold single moms responsible for their babies, or else the moms might toss the babies into the sewer.

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