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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Illegal Aliens Should Not Get Welfare

The American people are demanding that, before we legalize illegal aliens, our government absolutely must establish border security in order to prevent the entry of a new flood of illegals. But Homeland Security officials have told Congress that they still don't have any way to effectively measure border security. Three years ago, the Obama Administration scrapped the yardstick that was supposed to measure how many miles of the border are under "operational control." But top Customs and Border Protection officials told Congress in March that the new system they are now working on will not be ready for use any time in the near future.

Another setback to the scheme to grant amnesty to illegal aliens is the continuing news about our high unemployment and our low job growth. The average Joe in America cannot support the idea of giving permanent residency to 11 million foreign job-seekers when our own labor-force participation is lower than it's been in 25 years. Do we really need more high-school dropouts looking for U.S. jobs? Don't we have enough Americans trying to support their families who cannot find full-time jobs or jobs that pay as well as the jobs they held ten years ago? Why should available jobs go to aliens who broke our laws instead of to lawabiding American citizens?

The Senate appears to be planning to imitate the Nancy Pelosi model of dealing with legislation, namely, the procedure she used to pass ObamaCare: first pass the bill, and after that, Members of Congress and the American public can read it and find out what is in it. That's very dangerous legislative policy. Congress should hold public hearings to investigate all these problems.

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