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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Miss Utah tries to answer a question

The Face-Palm Moment During the Miss USA Pageant was when Miss Utah was asked this question:
A recent report shows that in 40 percent of American families with children, women are the primary earners, yet they continue to earn less than men. What does this say about society?
Here is the video. It is impossible to give a complete answer to this question without insulting feminists, liberals, and various other groups. That recent report was a Pew Study saying:
These “breadwinner moms” are made up of two very different groups: 5.1 million (37%) are married mothers who have a higher income than their husbands, and 8.6 million (63%) are single mothers.

The income gap between the two groups is quite large. The median total family income of married mothers who earn more than their husbands was nearly $80,000 in 2011, well above the national median of $57,100 for all families with children, and nearly four times the $23,000 median for families led by a single mother.
So that 40% is really a misleading combination of single and married moms.

The question came from NeNe Leakes, a former stripper and reality TV star. Most recently she played an egg donor on a TV sitcom about two gay men who hire a single mom to bear an interracial child for them. The show was intended to convince the public that this type of family was the new normal, but it was recently canceled.

Miss Utah could have explained to Leakes how Hollywood is out to destroy the American family, and how a breakdown in our values have led to the prevalence of single moms. But that would not have helped her in the competition, so she just babbled something about education, just as Pres. Barack Obama often does when asked a troublesome question.

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Adison Pace said...

I am guessing you did not watch the show because That is not the character she played. She also is an advocate against domestic abuse and has written a memoir describing her own experiences with abuse. Here is an easy way to answer the question. The cause of the pay gap between men and women has many causes that range from childbirth to sexism. Though there are many reasons that can cause this the fact that there is still a gap shows we have not done enough to mitigate unfairness in the workplace.

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