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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ObamaCare Is Already Hurting People

ObamaCare was passed by Congress a couple of year ago and is expected to go into effect the end of this year. Lots of Americans are already starting to feel the pain of ObamaCare. One of ObamaCare's regulations is that companies having 50 fulltime employees or more must buy expensive health insurance for each employee, or else pay $2,000 in fines for each employee. Many businesses have decided to pay these fines rather than buy costly insurance, which includes services, such as abortion-inducing drugs, that they do not even want. The result is that many employers are reducing the hours that employees work, and therefore their paychecks. Businesses are seeking to reduce the ObamaCare costs and penalties by decreasing the number of employees who work 30 hours or more a week. ObamaCare is causing retail stores to reduce the hours and paychecks of their employees at the fastest rate in more than 30 years, in order to avoid Obamacare penalties. ObamaCare is thus causing a shift in private employment to less desirable temporary jobs and jobs of shorter hours.

ObamaCare's much-publicized health insurance exchanges, supposedly designed to make insurance more affordable, have been a bust. Two-thirds of states have declined to set up exchanges, and taxpayer costs for them have ballooned to $5.7 billion for the federal government to establish them.

Headlines proclaim the stock market's new high records, but the average American paycheck and fringe benefits are lagging far behind. While politicians brag that employment has increased over the last year in retail stores, the total hours worked has actually fallen during that same period. And employee fringe benefits in the service sector fell sharply in the first quarter for the first time in more than a decade.

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare by calling it a tax, but as bad as new taxes are, this ObamaCare train wreck is even worse than a tax.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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Anonymous said...

Obamacare is also causing lost wages to nurses and other staff at hospitals. A lot of nurses work PRN, meaning they already have insurance from a spouce or are retired militry so do not need the insurance so work for more money in leu of benefits. I was just forced to either go full time with bendfits I dont need, working the same amount of time for less money (about $8,000 per year), or stay PRN but work less than 30 hr a week (a loss of $19,000 a year) .... and I already have insurance. I am being punished by Obama, the democrats and the IRS and have done nothing wrong. There are millions just like me. Democrats will pay come November 2014

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