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Friday, June 28, 2013

Save Olympic Wrestling

The manly sport of wrestling has been one of the Olympic Games ever since they started in ancient Greece, and the competitions inspire many young men to work hard to overcome adversity. But the feminists, whose ideology teaches them to believe in the irrational doctrine of the interchageability of gender, have long been hostile to wrestling as well as to football. Feminists oppose the very masculine sport of wrestling.

Feminists have succeeded in banning hundreds of college wrestling programs. This is not because of cost; wrestling is one of the least expensive sports, and much safer than football. Wrestling is one of the few sports available to poor nations, and also to young men of all sizes and statures. In news that shocked many people earlier this year, the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee announced its plan to eliminate wrestling as an Olympic sport beginning in 2020.

At the high school level, wrestling is booming in popularity, but some of that has been inspired by dreams of winning an Olympic medal. Leaders in this sport recognize that it is important to save wrestling as an Olympic sport, or else there will be further reductions in school wrestling programs.

If it's necessary to eliminate some sport from the Olympics, how about ping pong? Ping pong is fun to play, but it's hardly as much of a sport as wrestling. Even I like to play ping pong, and I'm no athlete. Or how about eliminating synchronized swimming, a sport that is not easily accessible to poor neighborhoods or nations. That's entertainment to watch, but it's hard to classify it as an Olympic sport.

The Olympic decision to eliminate wrestling is more about politics than athletics. I hope the public wakes up to the feminists' war against very masculine sports and saves wrestling as an Olympic event.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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