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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Students Told to Wear Muslim Burqas

A Texas mom became outraged when she discovered a Facebook photo of her daughter wearing an Islamic burqa. The picture was taken during a world geography class at Lumberton High School. The teacher brought burqas and other Islamic clothing for the female students to wear. They were also assigned to write an essay based on a Washington Post news article that blamed Egypt's troubles on democracy, instead of on the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Mom had no advance warning of this lesson and learned of it first from her daughter's picture on facebook. She complained to the school, saying "I felt like the line had been crossed. Christian kids who want to pray have to do it outside of school hours, yet Islam is being taught to our kids during school hours." The girl's father said he would like to know why the teacher was giving students lessons about Islam in a geography class. He said, "She went from learning about Mexico to learning about Russia to learning about Islam. But Islam is not a country." The daughter also said, "We were asked about our perception of Islam. Most of the class said they thought about terrorism. And [the teacher's] response was, 'we're going to change the way we perceive Islam."

The school district released a statement to Fox News defending the class. "The lesson that was offered focused on exposing students to world cultures, religions, customs and belief systems. The students volunteered to wear the clothing. The lesson encompassed diversity education so students receive a firm understanding of our world." The superintendent told the news media that the teacher did absolutely nothing wrong. Referring to 9/11, he said, "We might see it as terrorism, but from the Islamic side they might call it jihad or freedom fighter." Parents, you might find out what is being taught to your kids in geography class.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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