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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Texas Pro-life Omnibus Fails

SB 5, the Texas pro-life package, failed to pass the Texas State Senate last night. The deadline was midnight, and the vote was taken at 12:02 or 12:03, depending upon whom you ask. This rendered the vote moot. 
SB 5 would have banned abortions in Texas after 20 weeks, the point at which the fetus can feel pain. In addition, it required that abortion clinics conform to the same safety and hygiene standards as regular ambulatory surgical centers, and that the abortionist administer any abortion inducing drugs himself, rather than delegate it to an assistant. Democrats objected that requiring these basic safety procedures would close down almost all abortion clinics in the state – not something one would expect them to say out loud. 
The bill passed the Texas State House of Representatives with flying colors: 97-33. It would have passed the Senate 19-10 if State Senator Wendy Davis had not filibustered, spending 11 hours on the floor to push voting over the deadline. Democratic Senators also did their part, trying to stall with points of procedure. Last, but far from least, hundreds of pro-abortion protestors screamed from the gallery, making the vote difficult, if not impossible. 
Regarding the crowds, Senator Davis commented, “Today was democracy in action." 
Apparently, the Senator thinks democracy means that the people should respect the vote of their elected representatives, except when they don’t. Apparently, democracy means that if throwing a tantrum will help you get your own way, you should go for it. Apparently, the victory of chaos over order is some kind of triumph for mankind. 
It was not democracy that acted last night, but ochlocracy – rule of the mob.

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