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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

What About Tamarlan's Trip to Russia?

In 2012, the Boston bomber named Tamarlan left for a six-month visit in Russia and Dagestan. Where did Tamarlan get the money for that expensive airline ticket? Wasn't the FBI interested in where he went and who he saw, even after Russia told us that he joined "underground groups in Russia"? What did Tamerlan do in Russia? Receive training in bomb-making, terrorist tactics, or handling weapons? Were the brothers directed by foreign operatives? One of the government's ridiculous excuses for not tracking Tamerlan's flight to Russia was that the airline misspelled his name on passenger list. The Obama Administration is always blaming someone else for its own failures. Apparently, the FBI was not interested in investigating Tamerlan after he returned from his trip. Russia then took its warning about Tamerlan to our Central Intelligence Agency, but got no response there, either.

Tamerlan's own website showed his sympathies with radical Islam. His YouTube video account included a website celebrating "Terrorists." Because the FBI had closed his case, no one in our government was watching. When the younger brother, Dzhokhar, took the oath to become a U.S. citizen, what did our naturalization bureaucrats do to assure that he was not using the Koran-authorized practice of taqiyya. That means it's OK to tell a lie in order to advance Muslim objectives.

The Boston bombing requires us to stop thinking about new immigration legislation until we remedy our mistakes. The failure to protect us from the Tsarnaev brothers proves there are so many things radically wrong with our legal immigration process. The failed FBI investigation of Tamerlan shows that our government does not have the capacity to do adequate background checks on 11 million illegal aliens. We need to take Ronald Reagan's advice: Before we do more of what we are doing, let's find out if what we are doing is part of the problem.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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