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Monday, July 08, 2013

A Trojan Horse for Education Reform

The Obama Administration has taken over major parts of our economy, so now the bureaucrats are eager to take over what public schools teach our children. Former school teacher and author Orlean Koehle explains their current goal, why you should be concerned, and what you can do about it. Her new book is called Common Core: A Trojan Horse for Education Reform.

This national takeover of school curriculum was cleverly named Common Core State Standard Initiative, so it sounds as if it were developed by the states, but that's not true. Koehle explains that it was developed by trade groups and corporate interests that stand to make a lot of money from its implementation. The Obama administration induced 46 states to give up local control of their English and math curricula through a clever carrot-and-stick method, a combination of bribery, waivers for the hated No Child Left Behind Act, and threats to cut off federal grants in the future. Left out of the development of this new curriculum were parents, local and state school boards, and state legislatures.

The price tag for a state to adopt Common Core standards is enormous. It will cost billions of dollars to implement this national plan. It's also important to note that Common Core standards won’t make kids any smarter. The math standards are so substandard that the only real mathematician on the validation committee refused to approve them. He said that Common Core standards are two years behind international expectations by the 8th grade, and then fall further behind in grades 8 to 12. The Common Core math standards downgrade the years when algebra and geometry are to be taught. The name of this useful book is Common Core: A Trojan Horse for Education Reform by Orlean Koehle.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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