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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Checking Up on Star Athletes

The Most Valuable Player in the NFL, Adrian Peterson, has been criticized for supporting traditional marriage. This football player recently said that gay marriage is "not something...[he] believe[s] in." The liberal media has attacked Peterson and accused him of discrimination. But the liberals fail to acknowledge Peterson's point. The athlete made clear that he has no animosity towards gay people, and does not want to deny their rights. Rather, he just said he does not believe in expanding the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples. Traditional marriage does not differentiate gays from others. It does, however, differentiate males from females, and honors the ability of a man and a woman to form a family together.

The liberal media want to trick us into thinking that Peterson's conservative views are rooted in discrimination. The liberal media don't want us to know that this athletic star is a devout Christian. He says that it is "Christ who strengthens" him. We should not be surprised that powerful secularists want to hide the Christian beliefs of athletes.

After Tim Tebow inscribed a Bible verse in the eye black on his face, college football banned such messages in what is known as the "Tebow rule." Tebow continued to publicly affirm his Christian faith, kneeling before games and doing missionary work. Despite his successful games in the NFL, Tebow was denied significant playing time. His coaches waited until it was too late for him to find a spot with another team, and then cut him. Professional football should not be removing players because of their outspoken conservative Christian beliefs.

Americans often follow the example of star athletes. We buy products they endorse, and we admire their opinions. It is time we took to heart their affirmations of traditional values and Christianity.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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