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Monday, July 29, 2013

China, the Champion of Fakes

Communist China has sold Americans a dazzling array of counterfeits and forgeries, including copyrighted books and music, expensive fashion apparel, and prescription drugs with ingredients that kill. China's latest venture into fakery is fake alcohol. The counterfeiters collect empty bottles of genuine alcohol, refill them with a cheap substitute from who knows where, and then resell this counterfeit alcohol to popular bars and restaurants in Beijing. The police discovered 37,000 bottles of this fake alcohol ready to be delivered. China's fake alcohol is generally made from one of three bases: ethylene glycol (antifreeze), which attacks the kidneys and heart and is potentially fatal; methanol, which attacks the retinal nerve and can result in blindness; and isopropyl (that's the name for rubbing alcohol).

The China Bee Products Association claims that half of all honey sold in China is fake. The final Harry Potter book was available in Chinese bookstores before it was released by the publisher. Beijing shops sell fake Gucci. One reporter saw a gift shop selling a suitcase full of fake U.S. hundred-dollar bills.

Now let me give you an update on how Communist China is replacing the United States as the world's Car Maker. The company we all used to know as General Motors, which after it was bailed out by U.S.taxpayers, is now informally called Government Motors. It recently announced that it will build a $1.3 billion factory to manufacture Cadillacs in Communist China. Of course, the U.S. corporation had to get permission and cooperation from Chinese Communist authorities to build its factory and had to make it a joint venture with a Chinese company. Even the Wall Street Journal criticized GM for investing so many billions of dollars in China after getting bailed out by the U.S. taxpayers in 2009.

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