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Friday, July 19, 2013

China the Winner in Iraq and Afghanistan

There's an old adage that "to the victors belong the spoils," but it looks like Communist China is taking home the spoils from America's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. China could prove to be ultimate winner even though it shed no blood and didn't give much aid. Communist China is right now the biggest user of Iraq's tremendous oil supply. Donald Trump summed it up best: "We spent $1.5 trillion, we lost thousands of lives ... but China is in there taking out all the oil, and we're getting nothing ... How can our leadership allow this to happen?"

Communist China also signed a strategic partnership with Afghanistan, and top Chinese government figures traveled to that country to announce that China would train 300 Afghan police officers. China is eyeing Afghanistan's estimated $1 trillion worth of unexploited minerals. Chinese companies have acquired rights to extract vast quantities of copper and coal. China made a deal for oil exploration concessions, and China is looking at extensive deposits of lithium, which can be used in batteries and nuclear components. China is the only country that has the ready cash to foot the level of investment needed to extract the minerals from Afghanistan. Central Asian experts say that superpowers have historically been involved in Afghanistan because it is an Asian crossroads, and China is no exception.

The Obama Administration even has allowed China to take over strategic drilling interests in the Gulf of Mexico. This deal puts China in control of valuable drilling interests in the Gulf of Mexico and, according to a pending Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch against the U.S. Treasury Department, this will also put "cash in the pockets of Obama campaign donors and bundlers."

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