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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How Much Will Common Core Cost?

At a time when many states and school districts are struggling to stay afloat financially, the new national curriculum plan called Common Core demands that current textbooks be replaced with new books aligned with the new standards, and that teachers be retrained to teach in alignment with Common Core standards and Common Core standardized tests, and that schools finance technological updates for every student in order to complete computerized testing, including buying additional computers and increasing broadband capacity. Estimates to implement the standards and the tests range from $12 to $16 billion. The states are having a hard time figuring out how much Common Core alignment will cost them, which provides further proof that the states had no role in developing the standards. Some estimates are that just for the testing mandated by Common Core Standards, the annual cost of assessment for states participating in the standards will increase by $177 million, and that is not a one-time cost, but an annual cost. of the increase over previous standardized testing costs, not the full cost of the testing. Estimates of the textbook and materials costs will be $374 million. Bill Gates, who makes computers, and others in the planning of Common Core, will profit handsomely from the implementation of this new system.

And after all the cost and complexity of adopting Common Core standards, they won't make your kid any smarter. Here is the opinion of Dr. Se'ev Wurman, a math standards and assessment expert and former Department of Education official. He said: "I believe the Common Core marks the cessation of educational standards improvement in the United States. No state has any reason left to aspire for first-rate standards, as all states will be judged by the same mediocre national benchmark enforced by the federal government."

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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