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Monday, July 01, 2013

Reagan and Bush debate immigration

Peter Wehner of the Jewish magazine Commentary continues to attack Phyllis Schlafly for opposing the immigration amnesty:
Now take two and a half minutes to watch this clip from a 1980 debate between Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush on illegal immigration, Mexico, and the policies they endorse. What you’ll see is that the approach and attitude of Bush and Reagan is profoundly different from what we’re hearing from many conservatives today on immigration.
The video shows Bush supporting school for young children of illegal aliens, and Reagan supporting temporary work visas for Mexican workers. Neither favors increased immigration from Mexico. So where is the profound difference?

I have previously corrected Wehner in May and June.

The magazine has a somewhat different attitude towards illegal immigration in Israel:
It is no small irony that a country like the United States that was built by and prospered because of immigration would come to regard the influx of foreigners to our shores as a problem. That is also true of the State of Israel which, much to its surprise, has found itself being swamped by unwelcome African migrants who have poured over the border with Egypt and presented the Israeli government with a ticklish dilemma. ...

There are currently approximately 70,000 illegal African immigrants in Israel, roughly one for every 100 Israelis — Jew and Arab alike. In such a small country, that’s a large burden for Israelis to carry. ...

Moreover, no matter how immigrant-friendly Israel may be, any nation has the right and the duty to police its borders. As is the case with America’s southern border, there are no easy or simple solutions–people who want to come will find a way to get in. But no nation can be expected to just simply accept such a situation, especially when it brings with it a rise in crime and other social pathologies.
He is complaining about 1 in 100 Israelis? The USA has about one illegal immigrant for every 20 citizens, and about one foreign-born for every 7 citizens.

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