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Friday, July 26, 2013

Whatever Happened to Dating?

When I went to college, the principal interaction of men and women was called the date. A man would phone and invite a girl to be his guest for supper or to attend a movie, she would accept, they would have an enjoyable evening, he would pay the cost, and then see that she got home safely. Maybe there would be a goodnight kiss at the door.

The New York Times had a recent article stating that dating is now obsolete. Dating has been replaced by "hanging out" or "hooking up." In this new world of internet posts and commitment-free sex, there are no clear rules. We can blame a lot of this change on the feminist movement. Feminism has frowned on old-fashioned courtship and taught young women there’s something humiliating about a man buying a girl’s dinner. Many young men today are afraid to ask a girl for a date. Some young women have begun to believe girls can get through life without a man. Feminism has taught them that men are not really necessary.

The disappearance of dating is a problem for young people of both genders who find it nearly impossible to find a spouse. Young women have a biological clock, and they can't wait forever if they want to have a family. The traditional dating that has been abandoned had worked to their advantage. The custom of restricting access to themselves gave women a tremendous amount of power. Men were forced to work to pursue women. Traditional dating also showed women which men were capable of supporting a family.

What men want from women is sex and their own children, and women hold all the cards to set the terms of a relationship. The best way for women to fix this situation is to insist on the traditional rules, and even on old-fashioned courtship.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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