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Friday, August 09, 2013

Amnesty Will Cost Americans Plenty

The Amnesty bill written by the Gang of Eight is just as unfair and discriminatory against college-educated American citizens as it is to entry-level job seekers. This bill creates four new unlimited green-card preferences for aliens: (1) those with a PhD in any field, (2) foreign physicians, (3) foreign students who graduate from a U.S. college with a college degree in a science subject, and (4) spouses and minor children of the above. The Amnesty bill doubles the current legal immigration level which is already triple our historic average.

Chamber of Commerce lobbyists are advocating a "let the market decide" immigration policy. That means employers can decide who and how many people can come to work in the United States. This policy undermines U.S. sovereignty and the right of our people to make such decisions that will determine our future. The "let the market decide" argument is extremely hypocritical. In a free market, a labor shortage raises wages, but the lobbyists want to jimmy the system by creating an artificial overabundance of labor in order to enable corporations to pay lower wages to those who come from low-wage countries and are glad to work for low pay in America.

This Amnesty bill would impose a massive unfunded mandate on U.S. taxpayers that will require us to increase taxes or incur more debt, or both. That's because those 11 million amnestied aliens will receive $9.4 trillion in government services over their lifetime, but pay only $3.1 trillion in taxes, for a net cost to U.S. taxpayers of $6.3 trillion.

All 11 million amnestied immigrants are supposed to have a background check, but the mere recital of such a requirement sounds like a joke. Just remember how our FBI and CIA missed so many obvious clues that the Boston Marathon bomber Tamarlan was a potential terrorist. Government background checks on 11 million persons will never happen.

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