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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Big Brother Obama Is Watching

It has become evident that Barack Obama's definition of "fundamentally transforming the United States" includes Big Brother harassing selected conservatives while monitoring everybody's email and telephone calls.

It's clear that the Internal Revenue Service has been unfairly targeting at least 500 conservative organizations, especially if they use such words as "tea party," "liberty," or "patriotic" on their tax returns or tax-exempt applications. The Internal Revenue Service then bogs them down with years of delays and demands for nosy and unnecessary information.

A House Ways and Means Committee hearing on June 4 exposed some of this obnoxious behavior. Here are some examples. The representative of an Iowa anti-abortion organization applying for tax-exempt status said that Internal Revenue asked her about the content of her organization's prayers. The Coalition for Life of Iowa testified that IRS asked every board member to sign a letter pledging in writing that they would not picket Planned Parenthood. One Ohio Tea Party group said IRS "wanted a synopsis of all the books we read." The chairman of the National Organization for Marriage said that the Internal Revenue Service leaked out the organization's list of its best donors (information that is legally "not for public inspection)." The list was then published on the website of a pro-gay organization that is a "political opponent" of the pro-marriage organization. A representative of the San Fernando Valley Patriots said the Internal Revenue Service gave her only 20 days to answer 35 items with 80 "sub-points of inquiry."

The head of the Internal Revenue unit on tax-exempt organizations, Lois Lerner, took the Fifth Amendment when the House Committee tried to interrogate her. The treatment that the Internal Revenue Service gave to grassroots conservative pro-life groups was discriminatory and unfair, and the bureaucrats who committed those acts should be fired.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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