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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Feminist refuses to breast feed

bildeIf you take a class in gender or women studies in college, you might get this:
Two weeks ago, Bahar Gholipour of LiveScience reported the findings of a new study that reveal that breastfeeding is associated with upward class mobility, but you probably didn’t read it.

Such testimonies to the immutable worthiness of breastfeeding have become commonplace. In fact, the alternative — choosing not to breastfeed — has become close to unspeakable. This time it’s that breastfeeding will make you wealthier, but every week there is some evidence to suggest that you would be crazy not to breast feed.

So let me say it: Next time, I’d skip it.

Next time I won’t breastfeed because it sets up a gendered division of who does what early into parenting. It provides an infrastructure for an unequal distribution of the work (and rewards) of parenting. ...

I teach a college course on Gender and Society. One year I invited three dads to come and talk about parenting. The college students adored the hour and a half session. It was such a rare treat to hear dads talking about being dads. One of the fathers said that after their first child they bottle-fed their children because it was the only way to work against the gender disparities in the parenting process.
h/t to the Thinking Housewife, for pointing out this sort of nuttiness regularly.

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