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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Motive Behind Obama’s Pre-K Push

Barack Obama is pushing hard for the Federal Government to set up a Pre-Kindergarten program for "every single child in America." The presumed goal of these pre-kindergarten classes is to close or narrow the academic gap between low-income and high-income kids when they enter kindergarten. However, we've spent billions of dollars of taxpayers' money for that purpose, and those expensive programs have done nothing to achieve that goal. The biggest reason for the gap is the difference between kids who live with their own mother and father and those who don’t. And there are no plans to reduce the tremendous financial incentives of taxpayers’ money doled out that discourage marriage and incentivize illegitimacy.

In 2010 the Department of Health and Human Services released its long-awaited Head Start Impact Study, which tracked kids in the famous Head Start program through kindergarten and first grade. The final report showed little or no positive effect, and even some harmful effects. "The positive academic impacts mostly fade away by the spring of the first grade, [but] the negative effects persist into the later grades." Despite these poor results, Obama wants to massively expand Head Start anyway.

The longtime political campaign to impose universal taxpayer-paid daycare originated in the feminist notion that the patriarchy oppresses women by expecting them to care for their own babies. Feminists insist that child care is demeaning to educated women and should be taken over by the taxpayers. The feminists made a major effort to achieve universal child care with the Mondale Child Development bill back in 1971. After a tsunami of public opposition, that bill was famously vetoed by President Nixon. The Obama Administration’s real motives in funding pre-K are based on the liberal feminist plan to take over what has traditionally been the duty of families.

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