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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Student Ordered to Remove Cross Necklace

A student at Sonoma State University in California, Audrey Jarvis, was working at an orientation event for incoming students when her supervisor instructed her to remove her cross necklace. The supervisor said he was concerned that the necklace might offend the new students or make them feel unwelcome. Audrey was shocked and offended by this request and says she felt as though she was expected to be ashamed of her faith. She hired an attorney, who said that the law is clearly on her side. The university agreed, and the president has since apologized, stating that the supervisor’s request really was inappropriate.

This incident is another example of the contrast between the so-called tolerance preached by the left, and the lack of tolerance it practices. The Sonoma University mission statement says that the university cares about “promoting diversity” among its students. Its “Diversity” webpage says the University is committed to an “inclusive environment that empowers all members of the campus community to achieve their highest potential without fear of prejudice or discrimination.”

What happened to Audrey was clearly the opposite of this, and I’m glad the school recognized it and admitted that the supervisor’s request was a violation of the tolerance Sonoma Univeristy says it stands for. However, it’s not surprising that Audrey’s supervisor, who has been soaking up the climate of so-called tolerance, thought his request was a legitimate way to promote diversity and minimize the potential for offense. Tolerance for anything except Christianity, and diversity that includes only what the left approves, is becoming the norm on college campuses. Universities brag that they are inclusive. But they often don’t mean that they are inclusive of Christian students or of traditional values. But remember, the law is definitely on these students’ side, and students who have experiences like Audrey Jarvis should have the courage to stand up for their rights.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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