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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Common Core's New Science Standards

Elementary school and high schools all over America are being pressured to adopt the new education standards called Common Core. The majority of states agreed to adopt Common Core even before the standards were written. The new science standards, called "Next Generation Science Standards," have just been released. They were examined by nine scientists and mathematicians for content, rigor and clarity, after which the Fordham Institute gave them a grade of only "C." These scientists criticized the "ceiling on the content and skills that will be measured at each grade," the excluding of content that more advanced students can learn, the failure "to include essential math content that is critical to science learning" in physics and chemistry, and the "confusing" wording of the standards. The Fordham Institute experts concluded that the science standards are inferior to existing standards in 12 states, and it might be better if states used their own revised and improved version of standards already successfully piloted in those states.

Proponents of evolution and manmade climate change are ecstatic about the new science standards. Education Week reports: "The standards make clear that evolution is fundamental to understanding the life sciences.

It is misleading to claim that CC standards will make students “college-ready.” They will not be ready to major in STEM subjects at a four-year university.

Always a friend of parents' rights, Senator Chuck Grassley is leading an effort to persuade Senate appropriators to restore state-level decision-making about academic content in public schools in order to counter the way federal incentives have forced states to adopt the Common Core standards. He wants the Senate "to restore state decision-making and accountability with respect to academic content standards" because "parents ought to have a straight line of accountability to those who are making such decisions."

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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