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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NEA Continues Pro-Abortion Policies

The National Education Association (known as the NEA) held its usual annual national convention over the Fourth of July weekend -- this year in Atlanta -- and adopted its customary long list of pro-feminist, pro-homosexual, and anti-parent resolutions.

The caucus booths allowed to be featured at this year's NEA convention included a Social Justice Caucus, a Feminist Caucus, a Lesbian, Gay, Transsexual and Bisexual Caucus, and a Drag Queen Caucus. In the last nine years, the NEA had allowed an ex-gay caucus to have a booth, but it was banned this year. Although the ex-gays had paid their fees, been assigned a booth, and made its speakers and literature available, the ex-gays were informed a couple of days before the convention that they were not allowed to have a caucus booth after all.

The NEA has strongly supported abortion for many years. Each year, a stalwart group of pro-life advocates challenges the NEA powers-that-be. The pro-lifers only ask that the NEA be "abortion neutral." They presented a motion stating that the NEA stop using dues monies to support abortion. This motion was defeated in a secret ballot vote, with 33% voting pro-life and 66% voting pro-abortion. That vote indicates that a third of the delegates want the NEA to stop using dues money for abortion, but the NEA leadership is determined to side with the feminists and pro-aborts and continue to spend dues money to advocate abortion.

NEA membership dues are not cheap; they run in the hundreds of dollars a year. It is an outrage that the NEA continues to use its political muscle and money to support pro-abortion policies and laws, even though a third of their members want this to be taken off the NEA political agenda. Americans should realize that the NEA is a powerful political force working for feminist political goals.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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