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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Ford Foundation's Liberal Agenda

The Ford Foundation is the third-richest nonprofit organization in America. It has over $10 billion in assets, and gave out over $400 million in grant money in 2010, most of it to liberal groups. The Ford Foundation supports feminism by giving to the National Organization for Women, supports abortion by funding Planned Parenthood, and promotes gay marriage by granting money to an international gay advocacy group. The Ford Foundation also funded the radical World Order Models Project, and far-left environmentalist groups such as the Environmental Defense Fund.

The Ford Foundation was not always liberal. It was founded by Henry Ford, the great automobile manufacturer, and his son Edsel, in part to avoid the extraordinarily high tax rates under Franklin Roosevelt's presidency. The original Fords understood that giving money to the government was a bad idea, and they preferred to keep their money in a privately-run philanthropic organization. But over time, liberal ideology took control of the Ford Foundation. Eventually, the situation became so leftwing that Henry Ford II resigned as chairman, noting that, although "the Foundation is a creature of capitalism," "[i]t is hard to discern recognition of this fact in anything the Foundation does." Today, the Ford Foundation gets its revenue from investments in international securities, but it funnels much of those capitalist earnings into anti-capitalist causes, including university programs.

The Ford Foundation alone contributes fifteen times as much to liberal causes as the three largest conservative foundations combined give to conservative causes. With a $10 billion foundation behind them, it is no wonder the Ford Foundation is a major force in spreading liberal ideas.

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