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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Court Tries to Boss Kindergarten

The liberals weren't kidding when they started spreading the slogan that the village should raise the child. We find more and more government busybodies who think they know better than parents how to raise children. These busybodies include public school officials, various so-called child-protection bureaucrats, police officers, and judges. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has jumped into a dispute where a mother was penalized for not sending her twin daughters to kindergarten. The state's highest court will decide whether state law can require kids younger than age 8 to attend school. Jennifer Ann Kerstetter is challenging a ruling issued by a lower Pennsylvania court last February. That court ruled that she violated the compulsory school attendance law when her daughters missed three days of kindergarten. Mrs. Kerstetter was fined $300 for violating the attendance mandate. Another judge then upheld her conviction and fine.

This case is really bizarre. In Pennsylvania, enrollment in kindergarten is not mandatory, and school districts are not even required by law to offer kindergarten. Budgetary problems have caused some districts to eliminate kindergarten. But the court ruled that Mrs. Kerstetter is subject to the state's compulsory attendance law because she voluntarily enrolled her girls in kindergarten. The presiding judge ruled that when parents enroll their kids in kindergarten, they become subject to the compulsory attendance law a because it is important for school districts to know how many kindergartners will show up for class on any given day in order to plan their budgets.

I'm glad I had my children before the liberal busybodies invented such intrusive laws. I did not send any of my six children to kindergarten. I believed then, and still believe, that they were better off at home where I could teach them how to read and other useful things. And I firmly believe that decision should be the right of the parents, not of any judge who might try to overrule me.

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