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Friday, October 11, 2013

Why Do Feminists Hate Margaret Thatcher?

This weekend marks the 88th birthday of the late Margaret Thatcher, a woman who should be the hero of any movement that claims to care about women’s rights. The feminists, however, have always rejected Mrs. Thatcher, and that tells us everything we need to know about the hypocrisy of feminist movement.

Mrs. Thatcher’s story should impress us all. She was born in a nation that did not yet have universal female suffrage. As a young candidate, her gender made it more difficult for her to find a winnable seat in the Parliament, and once she achieved office, she fought to rise to the top in an old-fashioned, male-dominated party. Yet in the end, Mrs. Thatcher was chosen to lead her country at a time of economic and social crisis at home and in the face of the Soviet threat abroad.

Mrs. Thatcher knew her success was the product of her own hard work, not the feminist movement. She proudly said, “I owe nothing to women’s lib.” She was smart enough to recognize feminism for the fraud it is and once said, “feminism is poison.” She often suffered insults from the feminists. Just a few years ago, the Labour Party created a list of the most influential women politicians in British history. Mrs. Thatcher was not included. And at her death last spring, there was no shortage of nastiness.

Why do feminists hate a woman who achieved the top position in her country? Because feminism is not about the success or accomplishments of women. Feminism is about telling women that they are oppressed victims who can’t succeed without special legislation and affirmative action. Margaret Thatcher proved that the route to success for a woman is the same as it is for a man: hard work and perseverance. And that’s what the feminists cannot accept.

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