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Friday, November 08, 2013

Teachers Union Is Pro-Abortion

The very powerful union called the National Education Association, the NEA, is quite open about its vigorous approval of abortion. The NEA has a huge convention for its members every year, and the convention always passes a resolution supporting abortion. But every year for many years, some dedicated pro-lifers make an attempt to change the NEA's position. They are not trying to make the NEA pro-life; they know that would be impossible. They just make the modest proposal that the NEA be neutral on this life issue and not spend the dues of its members to support abortion.

I've been monitoring this issue at the annual NEA conventions for many years. Many times, the powers that be who run the NEA would simply refuse to recognize the delegate making the pro-life motion, or refer that motion to a committee, which would kill it . Sometimes, the pro-abortion delegates would shout down the motion. The NEA usually would not allow the convention delegates to vote on any motion to stop spending NEA dues money on political activity supporting abortion.

After many years of effort, the pro-lifers made a little progress this year when the NEA convention met in Atlanta. The pro-lifers successfully introduced an amendment that stated: "NEA will not use dues monies for politically supporting abortion." Discussion in the convention was brief. Only a few comments were allowed before a motion was made to terminate debate. The amendment was then defeated in a secret ballot with 33% voting Yes and 66% voting No. That means, one-third of NEA delegates favor stopping the NEA spending dues money for the political support of abortion. But regardless of that vote, you can be sure that the NEA will continue its pro-abortion spending.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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