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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We Did Save Olympic Wrestling!

Several months ago, on these broadcasts I reported that the Olympic Games Committee was planning to eliminate wrestling as a competitive international sport in the next Olympic Games. I joined an international effort to get the Olympic Committee to change its mind. Of all the sports that could be eliminated, wrestling should not be one of them. Wresting has been an Olympic sport ever since the Olympic Games were started in ancient Greece.

The opposition to wrestling was probably coming from the feminists who do not excel in the sport of wrestling, and who dislike anything that is truly masculine, as wrestling certainly is. I'm happy to report that our campaign was successful and wrestling will remain as one of the sports in the Olympic Games.

If any sport could be targeted for elimination, I suggest ping-pong. I don't think that is really a sport worthy of inclusion. Even I can play ping-pong, and I'm no athlete. Or how about eliminating synchronized swimming, a sport not easily accessible to poor neighborhoods or nations. That's entertainment to watch, but hard to classify it as an Olympic sport.

Wresting is a real sport that is good for boys. All my four sons and several of my grandsons have competed in wrestling. One thing that makes wresting important is that boys of different sizes, weights and stature can compete, unlike many other sports that require height or weight. Wresting is very popular in high schools, boys can dream of someday being on an Olympic team, and wrestling is easily available to poor nations that lack the financial resources to compete in the expensive sports.

The attempt to cancel wrestling was really a political decision rather than anything to do with athletics. Let's hope the public wakes up to the feminist war against manly sports and begins defending sports and exposing the nonsense of the feminists.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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