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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Who Killed the American Family?

The nuclear family is the essential building block of a free society with limited government. There is no way to have an economic structure of limited government without the nuclear family because, without it, the government moves in to provide what the family would have otherwise do for itself -- of course, always claiming it's for the children's welfare. There are now 79 separate programs handing out taxpayers' cash and valuable benefits totaling nearly a trillion dollars annually, and that creates powerful disincentives for traditional marriage.

A combination of forces abolished the American family as we knew it. It certainly was not only or even primarily the political power of the homosexual movement. The many factors that killed the American family include changes in the law such as unilateral divorce, court decisions especially the abuses by family courts, the anti-marriage and anti-homemaker feminists, courses and customs taught to students from elementary grades through college, financial incentives to illegitimacy, and the work of self-appointed experts who think they know how to manage children better than parents. The problem cannot be remedied by prohibiting same-sex marriage (even by a constitutional amendment) or by telling men to "man up."

We must go after the groups that killed the American family, including feminists, judges, legislators, public schools, so-called child protection agencies, professors, psychologists, universities, women's studies professors, government handouts, and Democratic politicians who want big government spending to get votes.

All those who care about preserving the religious and economic freedom that is the hallmark of America should realize that we cannot reassert constitutional rights, private enterprise, balanced budgets, reduction of government spending, and freedom from government management of our lives, without the traditional intact, self-supporting family functioning as the foundation of our society.

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