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Monday, December 09, 2013

California Threatened About Common Core

In case you had any doubt about the new Common Core standards being a takeover by the Obama Administration of what schools will teach and not teach your children, now hear this. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan threatened to cut off federal education funds to California (which amounts to a billion dollars) if state officials don’t administer Common Core tests exactly as he wishes. Although Common Core is allegedly left up to the states to run, federal government interference proves that is not true.

Secretary Duncan wants to overrule the decision of the California state legislature, which passed a law – AB484 – that ditches the current state standardized tests, and temporarily replaces them with tests based on Common Core standards. But Common Core tests require a computer for each student, so California will administer the new test only where there are enough computers for students to take the test. Arne Duncan won’t allow this state decision to stand. We don’t know who will win this argument.

Common Core is having trouble in Florida, too. Gov. Rick Scott ordered Florida to withdraw from the Common Core testing consortium and hold at least three public hearings on Common Core. Gov. Scott reminded Arne Duncan that “the federal government has no constitutional authority to involve itself in the state-level decisions on academic standards and assessments.”

Parents in New Hampshire are also voicing objections to Common Core. The Manchester school board said it could not ascertain whether the school district would lose $77 million in state and federal aid if it rejects the Common Core standards. The local newspaper stated that “more and more parents are skeptical, and speaking out, because there is no satisfying answer to even the most basic questions about Common Core.”

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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