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Monday, December 30, 2013

EPA Policies Cost U.S. Jobs

The Environmental Protection Agency, known as EPA, has issued harsh regulations that are shutting down the oldest coal power plant in Utah. This generator is located in a canyon, and there is not enough room to install the cumbersome filtration devices that Obama regulations now demand. When this plant closes, many jobs will be lost. To make matters worse, the coal plant’s cheap electricity will be replaced by expensive energy from less efficient sources, and that means electricity prices will go up and the increase will be passed along to consumers. This forced demise of coal power is not just Utah’s problem: it’s happening all over America. Since Obama took office, coal plants accounting for about one-sixth of America’s electricity have been slated for shutdown. Some estimate that a million jobs have been lost. This doesn’t bother Obama, who said during his first presidential campaign, that it is OK with him for coal plants to go bankrupt.

Environmentalists try to avoid talking about job losses and higher electricity costs. Instead, they claim that the regulations are needed to combat the dangers of coal-plant emissions. The environmentalists want to scare us into submission. No one wants people to be hurt by power plants, but the Left is too hasty in claiming dangers. A study funded by the EPA itself could not determine whether the substances produced by power plants are always dangerous, or only troublesome at high levels. Federal regulators impose limits beyond what is needed to protect people, relying on dubious statistical analysis that even the EPA admits is doubtful.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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