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Friday, December 20, 2013

Good News About Restricting Abortion

It made national news when Texas earlier this year passed a very effective anti-abortion law. It is a law that has proven to be very successful in other states such as Missouri. What this law does is to say that no one can perform an abortion unless he has hospital privileges within 30 miles so that if a woman develops complications, she can be adequately treated by a doctor in a real hospital. When Texas legislators were debating this bill, hundreds of pro-lifers went to Austin in support of this law.

But passing the law was only half the job. Planned Parenthood and the feminists rushed into court to try to get a judge to knock out the law. The liberals want unelected judges to run our country, but we absolutely cannot allow that to happen if we believe in self-government and in laws made by our elected representatives. After legislators pass good laws, we often need strong, timely legal briefs to defend the laws in court. It’s a major project of Eagle Forum to file amicus briefs in important cases. Eagle Forum has filed dozens of briefs such as those on marriage and immigration.

After the Texas Legislature passed this good 30-mile law, Eagle Forum stayed in the fight and immediately – within the very short time period specified by the court – filed an amicus brief defending the law.

More than 50 Texas state legislators co-signed Eagle Forum’s amicus brief. In the first round in court, one judge did throw out the 30-mile rule. Then the appellate court reinstated it. This same law is working just fine in Missouri where it has been upheld as good law. The 30-mile rule is one of the best anti-abortion laws that state legislators can pass.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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