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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Liberals Redefine Words to Push Propaganda

Many liberal policies and plans do not appeal to Americans so the Left is rather clever at coming up with special phrases and words to disguise their real goals. For example, “liberal” used to be a good word, but the left redefined it to mean big spending by big government, so nobody in politics wants to be called a liberal any more. Now they prefer the word Progressive.

Many liberals use belligerent words to intimidate and silence their opposition. They know that Americans don’t like censorship, so they coined the term “hate speech” to describe views they want to censor. They vaguely define “hate speech” as any speech that disparages a special group. Some liberals even consider defending traditional marriage to be “hate speech.”

Another term widely used by liberals is “right-wing extremism.” Soon after the Obama Administration was elected, Homeland Security issued a report that warned of a “Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” of conservatives. The report said that veterans could be a threat. Instead of cautioning against real terrorist groups like Al-Quaeda, the Obama Administration absurdly targeted those who risked their lives defending America.

Another outrageous liberal phrase is “budget cut.” Sensible people use that term to mean a decrease in expenditures. Congressional Democrats, however, say that a “budget cut” occurs if we merely reduce the increase in spending planned for next year. Of course, that isn’t a cut at all. The majority of Americans want Congress to give us real budget cuts. Defeating left wing policies is essential for American prosperity. But in order to beat the bad ideas, conservatives must expose the true meanings of the words and slogans used by liberals.

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