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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Los Angeles Kids Get iPads

American taxpayers are starting to find out about the technology demands and financial demands of a state that adopts the new education standards called Common Core. In order for the kids to access the curriculum and then take online Common Core tests, each kid is supposed to have an iPad tablet. Los Angeles School District, the second largest district in the nation, committed $1 billion to provide an iPad tablet for every student. It now turns out that this project will cost the taxpayers much more than originally budgeted because the iPads are more expensive than anticipated. They were expected to cost $678 each and now will actually cost $770 each. Then the district discovered that the kids also have to be given keyboards in order to take the new state tests, and that will cost an additional $38 million. Stations in the classrooms to recharge the iPad tablets were originally budgeted as $2.6 million, but that has been revised to cost $3.2 million. These iPads are more expensive than those you can buy at stores because they come preloaded with software from the publishing giant named Pearson, one of the advocates of Common Core that expect to make lots of money selling materials that are Common Core aligned.

Many students quickly found ways to hack the security software on the iPads, giving them access to Facebook and other prohibited internet sites. Schools were not given clear rules about whether the students could take the iPads home. Nobody knows who is responsible for damage to the iPads or loss. As a result, some schools tell students they cannot take iPads home. These are just some of the questions that have arisen about the iPad project, and people would like to know why the rules were not set before the iPads were distributed to the students and paid for by taxpayers.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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