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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

No Need for Unemployed College Graduates

Barack Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan says that he plans to aid needy families by helping them to send their children to college. But the needy don’t want to need pieces of paper from universities; they need real jobs with opportunities to support themselves. We should demand that our government promote job creation instead of making Americans who do have jobs foot the bills for worthless college degrees. Obama is misleading young people by telling them that “some form of higher education is the surest path to the middle class.” The reality is that the proportion of recent college graduates without jobs is higher than the overall Unemployment rate. 37% of those recent college graduates who do have jobs do not need a college degree for their work, and many who do get jobs requiring a college degree can find only a part-time position.

Unfortunately, too many college graduates got their degrees in worthless subjects such as Women and Gender Studies. Those courses teach liberal narratives of victimization but do not provide real-world skills that our workforce needs. Obama’s education plan would siphon more taxpayer money to ineffective forms of education. He wants to start a federal rating system that will compare colleges, largely based on attendance. This plan is circular; colleges that take more federal taxpayer dollars through the college loan system will get higher ratings and thus be rewarded with even more taxpayer money.

The plight of struggling college graduates is not going away. In fact, it is getting worse. Government sources project that 19 million students will graduate from four-year colleges in this decade, but that there will only be 8.5 million jobs requiring college degrees. The government should cut back on taxpayer funding to colleges and college students to adjust for the low demand.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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