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Friday, December 06, 2013

Strange Behavior About the Shutdown

When the Obama Administration shut down the U.S. Government several weeks ago, it looked like an attempt to make the government shutdown as painful to the public as possible. When Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland was partially closed because of the shutdown (that caused our troops to do their grocery shopping at more expensive off-base stores), but (surprise, surprise) Andrews Air Force golf course (one of Obama’s favorite’s) remained open, ready for him to play his 36th round of golf this year.

The government shutdown closed the National Mall in Washington, DC to keep visiting veterans from seeing the veteran’s memorial. George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon is not government property, but the feds closed the parking lot anyway so no one could conveniently visit the house. However, in another example of Obama’s politics, the Mall was allowed to be open for an amnesty rally on October 8.

The Obama Administration closed Yellowstone National park. When a group of foreign tourists disembarked from their tour bus in the park to photograph a heard of bison, they were locked inside the local hotel, called the Old Faithfull Inn, and made to feel like criminals under arrest.

It’s rather clear that the Obama Administration was trying to select popular landmarks for closure in order to blame the annoyances that people endured on Republicans. One of the silliest closures was a piece of South Dakota highway where it is possible to pull over and see the faces of great Americans carved on Mount Rushmore.

However, now that we have suffered so many glitches and disasters connected with the launching of Obamacare, people have almost forgotten about the government shutdown. Our initial experience with Obamacare proved that Obama lied when he said that if we like our current health insurance, we can keep it.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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