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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Catholics Join Common Core Protest

About 100 American Catholic diocese, over half of the total, have adapted their school curricula to Common Core English and math standards. Parents, educators, and principals at some of these schools are not happy about this. As Common Core in public schools has increasingly attracted criticism, parochial schools are also calling the decision to switch to common core into question. Why would the Catholic system, where the 8th graders have lead public school 8th graders by double digit margins for 20 years in reading and math tests and whose high school students graduate at a rate of 99% with a rate of 84% going on to four-year colleges consider switching to Common Core?

The National Catholic Education Association explained this: it received a $100,000 grant from the Gates Foundation in September, proving that no one is immune from Gates’s influence. Some Catholic schools receive some government funding; the Cincinnati Catholic school superintendent said “We moved into Common Core willingly, but there was an implication that we would lose [financial backing from the state] if we didn’t.”

The parents of these children are quite upset because they were never consulted about the switch to Common Core. Catholic professors from colleges all over the country signed a letter complaining about Common Core and sent it to every bishop in the nation. These 132 professors are Catholic scholars who’ve taught for years at America’s colleges and universities. And they are personally and professionally devoted to Catholic education in America, but they are not in favor of this speedy, untested adoption of the Common Core standards. They are convinced that the common core is so deeply flawed that it should not be adopted by Catholic schools. And they hope that the schools that have already endorsed it will seek an orderly withdrawal now.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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