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Friday, January 24, 2014

Colorado Amendment 66 Deep-Sixed

The public schools are always asking for more money for various types of additional, expensive programs. Colorado put a ballot issue before the voters to raise taxes by almost $1 billion dollars for the schools. But in November, two-thirds of the voters said no to what was called the Colorado Tax Increase for Education Amendment 66. And it is interesting to look at the amount of money that was spent: $10 million in campaign spending couldn’t put over this tax increase on the Colorado Voters. The National Education Association Union and its affiliate, the Colorado Education Association, put in at least $4 million promoting the hike, while an additional $1 million came from New York City Mayor Bloomberg and another million dollars came from Bill and Melinda Gates.

Voters were deluged with pro tax-increase TV ads, but the voters were not buying. They were simply unconvinced that a billion dollars was needed to achieve smaller class sizes, full-day kindergarten, and other so-called reforms. One opponent said, “Just taking money and throwing it at a broken system, is not what’s going to make the education system better.”

Of course the media was supporting the tax increase, and now that it was defeated by the voters they’re trying to warn that the education people may take it into court, and try to get a judge to overturn what the voter’s decided. That’s what the education spenders have done in Kansas and in New Jersey, and they’d like to do it in Colorado too. But in our system of government, judges are not supposed to be the ones who decide what taxes we pay. So we hope the education spenders will not be able to by-pass the democratic process and do by law suit what they could not do when they presented the issue to the voters.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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