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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Common Core Books Filled with Errors

Common Core textbooks arrived in New York City schools this fall, but teachers weren’t impressed. Third grade teacher Rebecca Murphy described them as “loaded with errors.” For example, some of the questions that follow reading selections don’t match the readings. Pages were printed upside down, and teacher manuals don’t always match student books. To top it off, the books arrived more than a month after school began.
In addition to the mistakes, teachers have also complained that the textbooks are too long, the lessons are not well-planned or designed, and some of the suggested questions are simply incomprehensible. For example, kindergarteners were asked to draw pictures of conceptual words such as “responsibility” and “distance,” and a first grade math test included questions that would confuse even calculus students.

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for textbooks to have errors. Because states and districts choose the books to buy, purchasing decisions are made by government officials – something that never ensures quality. The first book to arrive on the market usually makes the most sales. That means there is a strong incentive for companies to rush their books to publication and that encourages mistakes.

It’s really inexcusable for the Common Core textbooks to have so many mistakes. The Common Core standards have been available for three years, but companies still haven’t produced a corresponding textbook that’s relatively free from error.

Meanwhile, the tax payers have footed the bill for those textbooks costing $50 million. All over the country, parents and teachers are adhering to the mandatory chapters of Common Core standards and the textbooks that are said to be aligned with each of those standards. I advise parents to join with other parents who are really reading what’s in the Common Core textbooks.

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