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Friday, January 10, 2014

Fired for Standing Up to Planned Parenthood

A high school teacher in Portland, Oregon, has been fired for standing up to Planned Parenthood. Bill Diss taught math and computer science and had great student and parent support. He worked in an at-risk public school with 75% minority students. He had received special recognition for his work with at-risk students and for his efforts to stop gang violence. He had a record of excellent administrative reviews until 2007, when the administration discovered he was pro-life.

In 2007, Bill Diss led community opposition to a new abortion facility in a minority area of Portland. His school principal was not impressed and began demanding transcripts of his remarks at the pro-life prayer vigils he attended in his private time. At one point, she even demanded to see a video of the vigil.

Last year, the situation escalated. Planned Parenthood representatives showed up at Bill Diss’s classroom door, wanting to talk to students about premarital sex, contraception, and abortion. Bill Diss asked the representatives to leave, but moments later the principal arrived and insisted he let them in. Bill Diss asked if he himself could leave the room because of his religious beliefs as a Christian, but the principal refused his request.

Planned Parenthood wrote a letter to the principal the following day, complaining that Diss had told students that Planned Parenthood was an abortion provider. Diss’s class was then monitored by school administrators and Planned Parenthood officials. Eventually, Bill Diss was fired and escorted from the building. He is now in danger of losing his teaching credentials.

I’m thankful that there are teachers like Bill Diss who are willing to stand up for principle, but his story is an alarming reminder of what can happen when they do.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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