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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

John Kerry is a Dangerous Secretary of State

John Kerry is turning out to be an even more dangerous Secretary of State than Hillary Clinton. A few weeks ago he tried to repudiate our famous and highly successful Monroe Doctrine, which keeps foreign dictators from establishing any base in the Western Hemisphere. Now, he is selling out U.S. interests in other negotiations, many of which are conducted in secret such as the recent ones with Iran and Afghanistan. The Associated Press reported that “The U.S. declined to release specific details about the negotiations” with Afghanistan, and John Kerry confirmed that “We have agreed on the language that would be submitted to a loya jirga.”

Kerry didn’t define “we,” but we know it does not include the American people, who certainly have not agreed on any terms of a treaty with Afghanistan.

According to what leaked out about this treaty, U.S. forces will be forbidden to conduct combat operations in Afghanistan, or even counter terrorism operations against AL-Qaida-brand terrorists, without Afghan approval. This agreement commits American to prop up a hostile, corrupt Sharia state, with all our training and equipping of Afghan military forces subordinate to Afghanistan’s approval.

The treaty includes this passage: “The United States shall have an obligation to seek funds on a yearly basis to support” the defense and security of the Afghan state. This a massive new foreign entitlement program that even specifies that “relevant Afghan institutions” will dole out the dollars.

It really is outrageous and dangerous that Secretary of State John Kerry makes a secret promise to Afghanistan that we will send the Afghans a steady stream of American money.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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