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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More Bad News from a UN Meeting

The United Nations rarely takes any formal votes at its meetings. Decisions are usually made based on consensus which is determined by a facilitator leading the meeting, who manipulates the group to achieve predetermined outcomes. The predetermined outcomes expected from the Warsaw, Poland, meeting last fall are expediting financing for the UN’s Green Climate Fund, which means a global tax scheme to transfer wealth from rich to poor countries, and also the creation of a “loss and damage” fund to compensate poor nations that suffer climate-related tragedies such as Typhoon Haiyan. Defining and developing a “loss and damage” mechanism is a top UN priority, and that means making developed nations responsible for insuring poor countries against natural disasters. The UN blames the United States for most natural disasters and asserts we should pay for the loss and damage.

The UN persists in its goal to convince the world that human activity causes global warming, and that global warming will devastate the earth. The UN talks are all about blame. The UN makes the argument that developed nations (that means the United States) are to blame because we enjoy the fruits of the industrial revolution in our lifestyles by polluting a finite atmosphere and that causes global warming. Our standard of living is supposed to be cheating developing nations from achieving lifestyles like ours. The UN calls it our “historical responsibility” to pay reparations in money and technology.

A Philippine delegate made emotional remarks saying “we have to get support from someone else’s pocket.” Nobody thanked even the United States for our enormous support we’ve already sent.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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