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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Parents Object to Common Core Curriculum

As Common Core is beginning to be implemented by the states, parents are discovering many things they don’t like. One Common Core-approved history textbook, “The American Experience” published by Prentice-Hall, gives an account of World War II that the “greatest generation” would not recognize. It’s just about pictures of the devastation of Hiroshima.

An Oak Forest, Illinois high school government class requires students and their parents to fill out a questionnaire that identifies their positions on controversial political issues and then places themselves on a “political spectrum.” The best way to describe the leftwing bias of this curriculum is to quote some of the questions assigned to students, all of which are ideologically biased. Students are instructed to “put a check in front of each statement with which you agree.”

Here are two of the pro-big government statements: “The government has an obligation to regulate business in order to preserve the environment for future generations.” And another: “Unregulated free enterprise benefits the rich at the expense of the poor.” Here are two more biased statements: “The government should guarantee medical care for all citizens.” And “The federal government should guarantee the rights of homosexuals.”

Common Core then requires the students to self-identify their political philosophy. “I conservative myself A. liberal, B. conservative, C. don’t know.”

After checking all the statements with which the students agree, students are given a so-called “Performance Task” to “Conduct a Political Spectrum Interview with someone 40 years or older” using this same survey.

It’s no wonder that parents are upset about this assignment, which asks for information that is none of the school’s business. This survey, published by “The Center for Learning,” is from a textbook called “U.S. Government 2.”

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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