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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Students Punished for Protecting Themselves

Two Gonzaga University students have been punished for protecting themselves. Erik Fagan and Daniel McIntosh live off campus, abut their apartment is owned by the university. One evening last fall, Fagan answered a knock on his door and found a man named John Taylor, who was a six-time felon, who told Fagan that he had just gotten out of prison and was homeless, and he demanded money. Fagan refused to give him cash but offered him food and a blanket. Taylor then became combative, threatened Fagan, and tried to force his way into the apartment. Fagan yelled for his roommate, and McIntosh came to the door with a gun pointed at Taylor. As soon as Taylor saw the weapon, he ran away and was arrested later that evening.

The boys should be congratulated for their quick thinking and calm response, no one was hurt. However, Gonzaga University placed both of them on probation and told them they could be expelled. The gun was confiscated by the administration. McIntosh and Fagan were charged with possessing weapons on school grounds and with putting others in danger by use of a weapon.

Now that’s ridiculous. The only one the weapon put in danger was Taylor, the man who was trying to break into the apartment. Before McIntosh got his gun out, it was he and Fagan who were in danger. Would Gonzaga have preferred for its students to remain in danger? What did the school want to happen? Do they wish McIntosh and Fagan had been robbed or assaulted? Protecting yourself against a home invasion is one of the most appropriate uses of a gun. Students should not have to forfeit their constitutional rights just because the university owns their apartment complex.

Fagan and McIntosh are fighting to have the probation removed from their records, and I wish them the best of luck.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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