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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Go After High-Priced Colleges

America is a nation where, when a problem emerges, a new grassroots organization arises to deal with it. A major problem that many young people and their parents are dealing with today, is the high cost of going to college and the tremendous college loans that kids are stuck with after they graduate. Most college graduates today do not get a job that justifies the enormous debt they have taken on. So a new organization has formed called the College Parent Association. This group calls the trillion dollar debt owed by students, “The great American tuition rip-off.” They say if tuition had increased at the same rate as inflation, the average price of tuition today would be $8,000 instead of the current staggering $44,000. This new parent organization urges Congress to force colleges to lower tuition and even pay back student loans, by having Internal Revenue (the IRS) take away the college’s tax-exempt status.

Colleges are not really non-profit organizations at all. They rake in as much money as possible from every source, spend every cent, then claim poverty and cry for donations. Then they squander increased revenue on very high salaries for college administrators. The high salaries of college presidents has become a national scandal. Forty-two college presidents were paid more than one million dollars salary last year, and 180 college presidents were paid salaries of over a half million dollars.

College tuition is not determined by the cost of providing education to students. It is determined by whatever money is available, especially from easy-to-get government loans. The College Parent Association demands that IRS remove tax-exempt status from high-priced colleges, lower their tuition this year and for several more years, and reimburse students for their outstanding student loans.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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