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Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Refugee Racket Admits Unwanted Aliens

All the illegal aliens coming into the United States are not sneaking over our southern border. Thousands of them are exploiting the racket of claiming they are refuges from persecution. Among the 70,000 Iraqis admitted to the U.S. as war refugees were several dozen suspected terrorist bomb-makers, including some believed to have targeted U.S. troops, according to the FBI agents investigating the roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan. An Iraqi named Waad Ramadan Alwan, who claimed to be a refugee, was allowed to settle in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where he moved into public housing and collected welfare handouts. The FBI secretly taped him bragging that he had built a dozen bombs in Iraq and used sniper rifles to target U.S. soldiers near Baghdad. Bowling Green residents are asking why this criminal was allowed to move to their town.

The FBI now admits that dozens of bomb-makers were allowed to move to the U.S. as war refugees. Don't forget the Boston Marathon Bombers who were using the asylum racket and then received welfare handouts. The U.S. Border Patrol reported a "surge of unaccompanied minors coming across our border," some used by drug smugglers.

Border statistics show that 24,668 "unaccompanied alien children" were housed in federally funded U.S. care centers last year. Our Border Patrol arrested a 12-year-old boy illegally smuggling 80 pounds of marijuana on his back from Mexico into Texas. Judge Andrew Hanen of Texas, who heard one of these refugee cases in his court, called the Obama Administration's behavior "dangerous and unconscionable" and said that it should stop telling the citizens of the United States that it is enforcing our border security laws, because it is clearly not. Even worse, it is helping those who violate these laws."

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