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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How Congress Spends Our Money

The Congressional Budget Office stunned the country recently when it reported that Obamacare will wipe out more than two million jobs. You heard that right. The Congressional Budget Office, an authority on U.S. government financial issues, reports that our biggest national problem today is UNemployment, and now we learn that Obama's principal legislation, Obamacare, will make the problem worse, not better. Obamacare will increase UNemployment. Obamacare will make fulltime jobs scarcer, forcing a couple of million people to take part-time employment. Obama's press agent is trying to put a happy face on this dismal news by saying it gives people more choices; they can work fewer hours on a job and do other things in their extra time. But the real way to look at this report is that a couple of million people will be working less for lower pay, and they will be looking to join the millions who receive various means-tested handouts such as food stamps, housing subsidies and EITC refunds. The bottom line is that the 2 million Americans who will be working fewer hours will be paying less taxes but collecting more tax-paid subsidies.

Recent studies by the Brookings Institution show a shocking growth in our so-called "entitlement" spending. Federal welfare expenses to people under the government-designated poverty line receive, on average, $13,000 per person per year. That's an increase from $4,300 in 1980, so that shows you how welfare spending has grown. Contrary to what most people believe, welfare does not go only or even mostly to the unemployed; the majority of it goes to people who are working in a low-paid or part-time job. This is not the life Americans had only a few years ago. We want an economic system in which a husband and father can support his family without

Listen to the radio commentary here: the government saying "I'm here to help you," because that kind of system inevitably comes with a big loss of freedom.

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